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3.5mm 3 Flute Carbide Drill Bit

Product SKU: DR-CM3FB35

3.5mm 3 Flute Solid Carbide. Decimal Equiv. 0.1378 Flute length 20 Overall Length 50

3.5mm 3 Flute Solid Carbide Drill Bit. Decimal Equiv. 0.1378, Flute Length 20, Overall Length 50. Designed for hardened steel, stainless steels, exotic materials 45-65 Rockwell "C" scale. Produces perfect chips without generating excessive heat. Accurately sized holes are produced without annealing or softening the workpiece. Reamer type finishes. Both a production drill and a salvage or reclaim tool.

Tolerance = Dia. + .000/-.005 Metric = h7 

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