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1/4 x 60 degree. ACRYLI-DRILL (Pack of 12)

Product SKU: ACD-1106610-12

1/4" ACRYLI-DRILL SUPER CHIP FREE Drilling for Plastics, acrylics and composites. (Pack of 12)

1/4" x 2-5/16" Flute Length x 3-9/16" Over-All Length ACRYLI-DRILL (Pack of 12)

Super Chip free drilling of acrylics, plastics. composites.

Point is ground at a 60degree angle for gradual penetration to avoid cracking and chipping.

Special 0degree rake angle on cutting edge eliminates " grabbing" when drill breaks through plastic, acrylic, or laminate surfaces.

This drill is used when drilling windshields in airplanes and helicopters.

Acrylics expand and contract so drill your holes a little larger.

Units in box: 144


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