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9/16″ to 1″ High Speed Steel Silver & Demming Drill Set


135 Degree Silver & Demming Drill Set. 8 pieces from 9/16 to 1″ with a 1/2″ shank. High Speed Steel. Fantastic Set

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8 pieces 9/16″ – 1″ by 1/16ths, Jobber length.

The only 135° split point Set with a 1/2″ cut down shank.

The geometry of this 135 degree split point drill will

allow for a better chip evacuation in exotic materials.

118 degree works better in NON-FERROUS Metals.

6″ Long with a 3″ Length of Cut

Flats ground on shafts

Designed to use in any 1/2″ chuck hand drill or drill press.

Perfect drill bits for drilling work in most materials when a larger

size hole over 1/2″ size is required.

For really hard stainless we recommend our M42 Cobalt Set

Comes complete with a great case! Great Gift Item!


(Drill Not Included)

Weight 3.1746031746031744 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1.125 cm

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