Diamond Carbide Plate Cutters

Wet / Dry Diamond Carbide Plate Cutters for Hard Steels and the ideal choice when a combination of concrete and steel or wood is being drilled. Great for steel plate, embedded rebar or even wire mesh, thick composites and overlays.

SEE THE BEAST IN ACTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4S69UouZ8s

Perfect for applications requiring core drilling through multiple layers of materials stacked together, such as wood, steel, concrete, rebar and a host of other material combinations. Used in the oil and gas industry for slot recovery, slot recoveries and construction, bridge building and retrofit. Can be used wet or dry and will cut through just about anything!

Small sizes can be used in a hand held drills or right angle grinders. Large sizes above 5" for use in a drill rig, rotary drills or core drilling machines.
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