1/2" x 24" Micro-Carbide Tipped Bell Hanger Bit

Product SKU : DB-BHCL1224
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1/2" x 24" Micro-Carbide Tipped Bell Hanger Bit. Designed for drilling through stucco, masonry, concrete block, metal, wood or any combination of these materials.

  • Micro Carbide Tipped Bell Hanger Drill Bit

    1/2" Diameter x 24" Long x 1/2" shank.

    Micro-Carbide Tipped

    Hole provided in flute for connecting the wire to the drill bit and pulling / fishing the wire through the wall.

    Special Helix flute for faster, smoother, and cleaner holes in all type materials.

    High grade alloy steel body.

    Super heat treated micro-carbide tip.

    Extremely wear resistant when drilling harder materials like concrete or hard metals.