10pc. Diamond Point Bit Set 1/4

Product SKU : DPS-10P14D
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10pc Diamond Point Bit Set. 1/4" Shank. Fantastic for cutting, deburing and drilling through lapidary, ceramics and composite materials.

  • 10pc. Diamond Point Bit Set 1/4" Shank

    10 Piece Diamond Impregnated in Nickle Point Bit Set.

    1/4" Shank.Great for small die grinders, drills etc...

    Perfect for Fine Detail work in lapidary, Jewelry work,

    composite materials, Fine Electrical and Computer Work.

    A Million Uses for this set.

    Set Comes with a Variety of 10 different Shapes:

    3 Size Cylindrical shapes, 1 Ball Nose,

    1 Blunt Nose Cone Shape,1 Pointed Nose Cone Shape,

    3 Tree shaped Pointed, Overall Length 2"

    Comes complete in a great case.