4-1/2 Premium Dry Diamond Core Bit

Product SKU : DI-RBC412
Base price : $ 281.54
Sales price : $ 219.87
Discount : $ -61.67

Can be used WET or DRY Fantastic for concrete embedded rebar.

  • 4-1/2 x 9" x 5/8"-11arbor Wet/Dry Diamond Core Bit. 9" Tube Length. 12"  Overall length. Laser welded segments hold up under extreme heat and  cutting pressure. High speed steel barrel to dissipate heat and keep the core bit cool. Specially formulated quality diamond segments, provide fast cutting and a long life in a variety of materials including concrete, reinforced concrete with rebar in the line, brick, block and masonry. Use on core drilling machines and hand held drills Wet or Dry use. Works even on a right angle grinders with a 5/8"-11 thread. Adapters available for many tools. Call us 800-350-8665 Ext 100