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7/8" x 11" Depth x 5/8-11 Hub. Wet/Dry Plate Cutter for Hard Steel, or combination of concrete and steel, asphalt, wood or even wire mesh!

  • 7/8" Wet / Dry Plate Cutter

    7/8" Diameter x 11" Length of Cut x 13-1/2" Over-all Length
    5/8"-11 Hub Size.

    This is a fantastic drillbitwarehouse product.

    Made in our Factory!

    Diamond Micro Carbide .999

    Designed for use in a drill rig, or even with an adapter

    sold separately and can be used in a regular drill motor,

    right angle grinder or hammer drill on rotary mode.

    Ideal for cutting steel plate, hard stainless, steel and

    concrete together, asphalt, non ferrous metals, aluminum,

    embedded rebar, wire mesh and even most composites.

    This can be used with a small amount of water or even dry.

    Our plate cutters can be completely rebuilt in our factory

    and unlike fragile diamond drills, our plate cutter will

    withstand rough usage.

    Note: All diameters are nominal;

    Exact tolerances upon request.

    Any questions on this product please feel free to

    call us at 1-800-350-TOOL (8665)