Dry 3 Inch Fast Cut Diamond Core Bit

Product SKU : DC-36WP
Base price : $ 217.88
Sales price : $ 159.58
Discount : $ -58.3

New 3" Premium Fast Cut Diamond Core Bit with Self Starting Pilot Bit.

  • New 3" Premium Fast Cut Diamond Core Bit. Works in any SDS-Plus Rotary hammer Drill.

    Dry or Wet use. Cuts Concrete, Brick, Block, Terrazzo, Stucco, Hardy Plank, Fire Brick and most Lapidary in record time.

    3" Diameter Barrel  with a 6" Depth of Cut. Come with an 8" 3/8" Self Starting Pilot Bit.

    Premium double U diamond segments produce super fast cutting. Cylindrical cut out slots keep the core bit cool

    as well as allowing you easy access to remove any material. This is a beautiful product and we are very proud

    to bring you this high end USA diamond Coring bit.

    Other sizes available, Call us at 1-800-350-8665 Ext:100