SDS-MAX DrillBitWarehouse Dry Core System 4-1/2"

Product SKU : CB-TGPCB-412
Base price : $ 298.98
Sales price : $ 99.90
Discount : $ -199.08

DrillBitWarehouse Dry Carbide Core Bit System 4-1/2"

  • SDS-MAX DrillBitWarehouse Dry Core System 4-1/2"

    New Dry Core Bit System for coring concrete floors, walls, asphalt and brick and block. The perfect product for radon mitigation work using a 4-1/2" size.


    Manufacturer overrun, premium Boron carbide tipped coring bits work fantastic in multiple materials, fits on any SDS-MAX rotary hammer.
    22" long giving you performance you need while keeping your back intact.
    Used heavily in radon mitigation, plumbing, concrete, tile, and any other lapidary application. 

    12 Super High Performance Carbide Teeth

    22" Usable length.