Special Design Demolition Diamond Carbide Blade

Product SKU : DI-DEM-12125-120
Base price : $ 349.88
Sales price : $ 229.40
Discount : $ -120.48

12" Premium Demolition Diamond Carbide Saw Blade. Great for most demolition applications.

  • This laser welded demolition diamond blade has vacuum brazed segments with the highest quality diamond to keep a super sharp edge and used for aggressive cutting.

    The specially designed small holes and slots near the segment provide smooth, cool cutting and a long life.

    The blade sides are impregnated with diamonds concentrated in a swirl pattern, which add to the diamond segments for the fastest cut out there.

    Even ideal for beveling. Great for Concrete, Fiberglass, Copper, Bullet -Proof Glass, PVC, Composites, Plastics, Rubber, Metal Roofs, Steel Studs, Railroad Rail, Rebar and many other applications.

    Great for 12" Gas or Electric saws!