5 Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions Answered

5 Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions Answered

5 Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions Answered

5 Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions Answered

Do you have a drawer full of unused drill bits because you’re confused about how to use them? We’ve all been there. Instead of coming up blank when thinking about each bit’s purpose, get answers to your questions about drill bits by reading some commonly asked ones.

What Makes an HSS Drill Bit Different From a Cobalt?

HSS drill bits come from high-carbon steel and can withstand high temperatures and fast speeds. They are ideal for drilling into soft materials such as wood and plastic. On the other hand, cobalt drill bits contain both cobalt and steel, so they can endure higher temperatures than HSS bits. These are best for drilling into hard metals such as stainless steel and titanium.

Can I Use Masonry Drill Bits on Wood?

Masonry bits can’t go through wood because their flat, wide tips could chip and split the wood when you attempt to drill. We strongly recommend only using these drill bits on stone, cement, and brick, among other masonry.

What Is the Difference Between a Spade and an Auger Drill Bit?

First things first: spade and auger drill bits are for wood, not masonry. These two bit types have different purposes. For instance, a spade bit goes through large, flat-bottomed holes because of its thin, flat sides. Typically, you’d use these drill bits in construction and woodworking.

On the other hand, auger bits have a spiral design for drilling deep, narrow holes in wood. Auger bits are ideal when working with timber. Knowing the difference between the two bits will help you drill the holes you need for your project.

What Is the Purpose of a Countersink Bit?

A countersink bit has a stumpy tip that creates a cone-shaped recess in a workpiece. It creates a flush surface for a screw or bolt to sit in, creating a clean look.

Can I Sharpen a Drill Bit?

Yes, you can sharpen most drill bits with a sharpening stone or drill bit sharpener. Sharpening your bits extends their lifespan and improves their performance. However, you should know that you can’t sharpen all drill bits. Look at the manufacturer’s manual to determine if you can sharpen your drill bits.

Having all the answers to your drill bit questions is essential for successful projects. With a clear idea of how to use drill bits, you can avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary damage to your tools and materials. Using high-quality m42 cobalt drill bit sets can make a big difference in your work. They are durable and can help you drill with precision. Upgrade your tools today at Drill Bit Warehouse, and experience the difference in quality!

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