Drill Bits for Locksmiths

Locksmiths are skilled tradespeople who install, adjust, repair, and replace locks. Use locksmith hand tools to secure areas or gain access to automobiles and residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

Drill bits are among the several indispensable tools for locksmiths. Drill bits cut through various materials to manipulate or bypass locking mechanisms. Locksmiths will often attempt to open locks with other methods first, such as picking or decoding, but when these methods fail, drilling is a reliable option.

Lock malfunction can be caused by many factors, including physical damage or an object lodged in the lock. A strong drill bit will grant access and minimize damage to materials.

Drill bits for locksmiths also help with lock installation by creating holes for lock cylinders, strike plates, and other hardware components. Precise drilling ensures the proper fit and alignment of these components, which is crucial for the lock’s reliability and functionality.

Execute tasks efficiently with the right type of drill bit. The best drill bits for drilling locks are either cobalt or tungsten carbide drill bits, also simply called carbide.

Cobalt drill bits are made with a steel alloy, typically containing between 5 to 7 percent cobalt. Cobalt hardens the metal and improves its performance at higher speeds.

Tungsten carbide is a high-strength metal alloy that can cut through hard materials. Carbide drill bits retain their sharp edge longer than most drill bits. The tungsten carbide can be present throughout the bit or only on the tip.

Quality bits are more durable, perform better, and are less likely to break. These characteristics reduce the risk of damage to locks or other hardware.

For lock installation or repair, use drill bits that match the size and depth of the required holes. Specialty drill bits, such as hole saw or spade bits, can be used for specific tasks.

A well-rounded collection of drill bits for locksmiths is an essential investment for professional locksmithing. Shop with Drill Bit Warehouse for tools that will help you deliver quality service.

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