Drill Bits for Masonry

The hardness of concrete’s aggregate of rock, sand, or gravel makes it tougher to drill than many other construction materials. Cut tough materials like concrete, brick, or stone with a reliable drill bit or core drill bit for masonry from Drill Bit Warehouse.

Concrete can quickly wear down a non-specialized drill bit. Moreover, concrete often contains reinforcing material, such as steel rebar, which creates a formidable obstacle when drilling. Drilling concrete and steel rebar without an appropriate masonry drill bit for concrete increases the risk of the bit binding and sudden stops or kickbacks, which may seriously injure the operator.

We have the best selection of durable, high-performing drill bits for masonry. These tools’ sturdy construction prevents them from warping or snapping. Use our hammer drill bits with a rotary hammer drill that combines a punching motion with rotation for maximum drilling efficacy.

Chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel is an exceptionally tough alloy used in masonry drill bits. Tungsten carbide is one of the toughest materials in the world—it’s much harder than cobalt and high-speed steel (HSS) bits. A chrome-nickel-molybdenum alloy steel bit tipped with tungsten carbide will improve concrete, brick, and stone drilling.

Core drill bits for masonry remove a cylinder of material called a core. Cut holes of large diameters to install plumbing lines or electrical conduits; you can also create ventilation openings. Core bits improve the efficiency of plumbing services, electrical contracting, and HVAC installation.

We offer premium wet and dry diamond core bits and dry carbide core bits. Wet core bits use water to reduce heat and friction and improve dust control. On the other hand, if water is not feasible in your workspace—such as if you’re working near live electrical lines—use dry core bits instead.

Our drill bits for masonry offer cutting-edge performance for professionals in construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other industries. Shop with us today for efficient tools that will make your work easier.

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