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Wholesale drill bits are a cost-effective option for construction companies, metalworking shops, and other shrewd businesses whose workers need a variety of high-quality tools at hand. Whether you’re drilling through soft metals, hardened steel, brick, or concrete, we have bulk drill bits in the correct styles.

Here, you’ll find step drill bits, carbide drill bits, and high-speed drill bits. Choosing the right drill bit is one factor that ensures you get the best results and your tools last as long as possible.

Eliminate the need for a pilot hole; instead, use just one tool to cut different hole sizes with a step drill bit. Drill about a quarter of an inch deep at one step setting before progressing to the next hole size.

Carbide bits are made with tungsten carbide and can cut through concrete, tile, cast iron, hard steel, and more. The high cutting speed and ability to withstand high temperatures make carbide bits a must-have tool for professional work.

The cutting edges and tips of hardworking drill bits will eventually wear down and require either replacement or resharpening. Ensure you always have what you need by keeping your toolbox well-stocked and purchasing high-quality drill bits for a prolonged tool life.

Wholesale masonry drill bits are made with tough tungsten carbide. When used with the right technique, these quality drills will create clean holes without cracking or otherwise damaging masonry. Shopping wholesale gives you the benefit of cost savings without sacrificing quality.

High-speed drill bits have a 135-degree point angle to improve performance when drilling repeated holes. The flutes efficiently remove swarf for easier machining. Cut wood, light metals, PVC, and fiberglass with affordable high-speed steel (HSS) bits.

If you need a large quantity of drill bits, our bulk drill bits come in various sizes and types. Shop with us today for wholesale drill bits; they’re the cost-effective way to stock up on essential tools for your workshop.

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