Drill Bits for Metal Fabrication

Metalworkers make clean, precise holes using high-quality drill bits for metal fabrication. At DrillBitWarehouse, you’ll find twist bits, carbide burrs, step drills, roughing mills, and more cutting tools that will improve machining efficiency and meet your professional standards.

Use durable drill bits to make drilling easier. With a sharp, well-made drill bit, you can easily cut through the metal and reduce the time and effort it takes to complete projects. Improve your productivity and workflow with our metal fabrication hand tools.

In addition to saving time and effort, using high-quality drill bits results in cleaner, more precise holes. Meeting specification standards is crucial in metal fabrication, and variations in hole size and shape can cause the need for reworking and delays. Drill holes the right size and shape every time with high-quality drill bits for the job.

While all hardworking drill bits will succumb to wear, our heavy-duty drill bits resist premature damage. Factors that affect the tool’s durability include its geometry, material, and coatings. In our selection, you’ll find stand-alone cutting tools and drill bit sets of various types to handle carbon steel, tooling steel, brass, copper, and more.

Two popular materials for metal-cutting drill bits are cobalt and carbide. Cobalt drill bits are made with a steel alloy that contains five to eight percent cobalt. Use cobalt drill bits on stainless steel and other hard ferrous material.

Solid carbide drill bits are harder and more heat-resistant than cobalt bits. These drill bits contain tungsten carbide and a small amount of other performance-enhancing metals, such as cobalt. The lower temperature reduces drill wear and enables the bit to work at very high speeds.

Special coatings can also improve the performance of heavy-duty drill bits. Titanium aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coatings make the tool’s surface exceptionally durable. The coating also withstands high temperatures well, contributing to its longevity on premium tools.

Browse our selection of metal fabrication hand tools. If you can’t find what you need, call us. We can provide almost any cutting tool, including custom drilling bits. Shop for drill bits for metal fabrication with DrillBitWarehouse.

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