Drill Bits for Construction

Invest in durable drill bits that will withstand the demands of construction work to save money on frequent replacements, create quality holes, and reduce fatigue. Our selection of drill bits for construction allows you to bore holes in metal and chisel dense materials.

Masonry drill bits for concrete and asphalt have tungsten carbide tips, offering superior durability, extreme strength, and a high melting point. These quality hand tools for construction meet criteria established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regarding finished diameters for concrete drill bits.

Wet and dry diamond core bits contain diamonds to cut through concrete, granite, vitrified porcelain, and other materials. Diamond core drill bits make minimal noise and create less debris, safeguarding workers’ lungs and ears. Consider using wet core drilling to minimize dust in the air and dry core drilling when working near electrical wiring.

Diamond core bits and premium carbide rebar cutters are two drill bit construction tools for drilling out rebar. Browse our selection to find the best rebar cutters with increased heat and stress resistance for drilling through concrete and steel.

You’ll also find step drills in our selection of essential drill bits for construction. Drill holes of multiple diameters in plywood, particle board, sheet metal, and other thin materials using a single bit.

We carry a comprehensive range of heavy-duty cutting tools that will suit various construction applications. In addition to masonry bits, rebar cutters, and step bits, we carry tile and glass drills. These specialized hand tools for construction allow you to drill through marble, brittle tile, ceramics, and porcelain quickly without the material cracking or spidering. Rather than skating on a glossy surface, the tool will drive through the material, giving you better control over the process.

Every product we offer is made from high-grade materials. This commitment to quality is how our tools deliver exceptional performance, longevity, and reliability. Shop with us today for hard-wearing drill bits for construction.

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