Drill Bits for Railroad Infrastructure

Railroads are crucial to the US economy, supporting the efficient transportation of raw materials, parts, and products across large distances. Our drill bits for railroad infrastructure are high-quality construction and maintenance tools that ensure the longevity and safety of railway tracks.

Use drill bits for railroad ties to create precise holes that ensure secure fastening. Railroad ties are crucial for track stability and must be securely fastened to the tracks. Securely fastened crossties keep the rails upright and correctly spaced.

Whether you’re drilling through wooden ties on traditional-style railways or concrete ties, we have the tools for you. Our drill bits minimize damage to the ties, enhancing their longevity and supporting better load distribution.

Drill bits for railroad ties come with single or double flutes. The single-flute tie bit drills spike holes in cross ties. The flute supports chip evacuation and prevents wood burning. Use a double flute tie boring bit for deep hole and hardwood drilling.

Carbide-tipped railroad bits are extremely strong and can drill through metal and concrete. Carbide-tipped tie boring bits have two flutes to facilitate chip removal.

Drill bits are essential railway track maintenance tools. The two main types of rail degradation are wear and rolling-contact fatigue (RCF).

Friction, excessive loads, and other use factors can cause wear on the rail’s top, end, or side. Over time, the rail material erodes and needs replacing.

You can spot RCF via cracks on or near the surface of parts repeatedly subjected to contact pressure. Without intervention, these cracks will continue to grow. Use drill bits to replace and maintain components and avoid derailments, collisions, and other disasters.

Drill bits for railroad infrastructure enhance productivity by enabling faster drilling and reducing downtime. Complete projects quickly with precision-engineered drill bits that will create accurate and consistent holes.

Railway infrastructure plays a crucial role in supply chain management. Shop with us today for high-performing drill bits for railroad infrastructure to ensure the safety and performance of your structures.

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