Spade Bits vs. Core Bits: How They Differ & When To Use Each

Spade Bits vs. Core Bits: How They Differ & When To Use Each

Spade Bits vs. Core Bits: How They Differ & When To Use Each

Spade Bits vs. Core Bits: How They Differ & When To Use Each

Choosing the right drill bit is critical for achieving the desired cuts and protecting the material. Compare spade bits and core bits to learn how they differ and when to use each.

Spade Bits

With its flat tip, a spade bit is designed to drill holes in wood efficiently. It’s the least expensive option among wood drill bits and can cut multiple holes in quick succession.

Spade bits can drill a range of hole diameters. They’re suitable for drilling sizes from small pilot holes to holes of larger diameters that can accommodate plumbing or electrical wiring.

Core Bits

On the other hand, core bits drill large, deep holes in various materials, including concrete, masonry, and metal. Each core bit has a hollow cylindrical shape with a pilot bit in the center that guides the entire bit as it cuts.

When drilling, the bit removes a cylindrical core of the material. After drilling, removing the solid cylinder of drilled-out material from the bit is easy.

Core bits can be used in wet or dry applications. Wet core bits require a water source and use the water to drill faster and suppress dust. Dry core bits are safer when there’s a potential for contact with live electrical wires.

When To Use Spade Bits

One of the biggest differences between spade bits and core bits is the type of material the cutting tools can process. Considering your material can help you know when to use each type of bit.

Use spade bits when you need to drill quickly through wood. Spade bits help you drill multiple holes in plastic, plywood, or wood pieces in a short amount of time.

Remember that while spade bits are highly effective at drilling softwood, using spade bits for smooth hole cuts in hardwood is more challenging. The bit is more likely to grab hardwood and cause splintering and tearing.

When To Use Core Bits

Use core bits to drill concrete, masonry, and metal. Some core bits can drill through wood, too, and these bits are useful when a larger hole is required.

For construction projects, core bits create clean holes in materials such as brick, cement, sandstone, stucco, and tile. If you’re confident that you will not come in contact with live electrical wires, wet core bits are excellent for controlling dust and improving drilling efficiency.

Drill Bit Warehouse carries long-lasting wet diamond core drill bits, which include features such as vibration reduction. Shop with us today for drill bits specifically designed to cut through concrete and stone.

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