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205 Piece Master Drill Bit Set

Product SKU: DBS-MBS205

205 Piece Master Bit Set

205 Piece Master Bit Set.

Comes complete in a unique Quad-panel Tri-Fold Storage Case.

Includes 42 nitride-treated high speed steel drill bits, 51 titanium-coated high speed steel drill bits,

8 brad point wood boring drill bits, 10 wood boring bits, 3 hex-shank pilot bits, 14 masonry bits,

10 power nut drivers, 47 power screwdriver bits, 3 nail sets, center punch, 3 drill stoppers,

3 screw finders, 2.5mm Allen wrench, 2in. magnetic extension, countersink, drill gauge, 4 hole saws and arbor.

Stored in 4-panel, tri-fold storage case for easy access

Perfect set of general purpose bits to tackle all those jobs you have been putting off!




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