3 Signs You Need a New Set of Drill Bits

3 Signs You Need a New Set of Drill Bits

3 Signs You Need a New Set of Drill Bits

3 Signs You Need a New Set of Drill Bits

Masonry, metal, and hard plastics require heavy-duty, powerful drilling tools to create precise, smooth holes. However, drill bits can dull over time due to many contributing factors, including improper use, overheating, lack of lubrication, and reduced quality. So, here are three signs that you need to replace your drill bit set for your drilling applications.

Dull and Ineffective Edges

Whether you use cutting oil or sharpen your drill bits, one sign of needing new drill bits is their consistently dull and ineffective edge. The required performance depends on the material you’re working with and the speed you use.

If your drill can’t cut through the work surface and fails to penetrate through, it’s time to consider a replacement. Look for signs of chipping or damage to the work surface, as replacing your drill bits with new ones is the preferred solution.

Low-Quality Drill Bit Performance

Another sign that you need new drill bits is more performance and quality. When trying to save money, it’s common to purchase low-quality drill bits to perform the job, but they can break a lot faster and not perform effectively. Creating efficient, precise holes is necessary when choosing the right drill bits. Ensure that you pick the proper drill bit for your specific drilling applications that offers high performance and a long life span.

Overheating Consistently

When drilling, performing at appropriate speeds is essential to prevent unwanted friction and overheating. But, more importantly, it’s crucial to give your drill bits cooldown breaks and monitor your drill speeds. However, if your drill bit consistently overheats, it can cause dullness and break. This can result from feeding too quickly and pressing too hard, which produces broken and dull drill bits.

At DrillBitWarehouse, we provide high-quality drill bits and cutters at impeccable prices. With us, you can replace old, worn-out drill bits with new and improved ones that get the job done. Our M42 cobalt drill bit sets the size up to 1/2”, with several tip and width variations for your preferred drilling job. The cobalt drill bits offer high-performance drilling, along with 135-degree split points and heat-treated surfaces for long-lasting, dependable performance.

Welcome to Drill Bit Warehouse, bringing you only the highest quality drill bits and drill bit sets for less!



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