4 Reasons Your Drill Bit Won’t Stay in Place

4 Reasons Your Drill Bit Won’t Stay in Place

4 Reasons Your Drill Bit Won’t Stay in Place

4 Reasons Your Drill Bit Won’t Stay in Place

Slipping drill bits can mean it will take longer to cut through masonry and metal. Keep your cutting tool where you need it—discover four reasons your drill bit won’t stay in place.

1. Worn Out Chuck

If your bit isn’t secure in the drill, examine the chuck. Normal wear and tear can compromise the chuck’s ability to hold the drill bit. Dropping the drill can also damage the chuck and make it necessary for you to get a replacement.

A keyed chuck on a drill uses a key to loosen or tighten the grip on the bit. It applies more torque on the bit to offset slippage. On the other hand, you can adjust a keyless chuck manually or by applying torque.

2. Debris From Cut Material

Another possible reason your drill bit won’t stay in place is debris in the chuck. Masonry drilling can generate a lot of fine, powdery dust that gets into your tools and affects their performance.

Use a dust extractor when possible to minimize the problem. The flutes on a high-quality masonry drill bit also improve dust removal. Adjust your drilling technique to clean the hole and bit periodically.

3. Improperly Fastened Chuck

If the chuck isn’t secured to the tool, it can’t hold the bit correctly. Drilling without a secure attachment can damage the material, bit, and tool.

Follow your equipment manufacturer’s instructions to fasten the drill chuck securely. The right technique depends on your drill and chuck. Often, you can twist the drill until you hear clicking, ratcheting sounds that confirm everything is in place.

4. Damaged Drill Bits

Finally, the bit might slip if you use a damaged drill bit or the wrong one for a particular application. And if the bit doesn’t fall out, it will spin in an incorrect pattern when you drill.

A damaged drill bit can have a bend in the shank, which makes it hard for the tool to grasp the bit. Replace damaged or crooked drill bits with undamaged bits.

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