4 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Cutting Tools


4 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Cutting Tools


Cutting through metal, masonry, and other rigid materials requires using reliable cutting tools. However, if you’ve noticed that your tools aren’t performing as they should, this issue could result from improper handling and maintenance. Instead of rotating through new equipment at a quick pace, save yourself money by implementing four ways to extend the life of your cutting tools.

Use the Right Speeds & Feeds

You can considerably impact your cutting tools’ lifespan and performance by using improper speeds and feeding pressure. Ensure you’re using the correct feeds and speeds for the various metals you cut. You can prevent damage to your tools and materials by researching the feeds and speeds required for your project ahead of time.

Always Use Lubrication

Lubricants can help prolong the life of your cutting tools by preventing chips, nicks, and other damage. These products are especially useful when working around sticky materials, as lubrication prevents you from welding onto the cutting edge and causes irreparable damage. Flood or mist coolant and tool coatings come with lubrication, as it’s a beneficial way to keep your tools in excellent condition.

Maintain Your Tools Properly

Taking the time to clean, repair, and maintain your cutting tools can help significantly extend their life. Don’t wait until your tools require servicing or repairs; create a maintenance schedule that outlines change-out schedules, replacement timelines, and lubrication schedules. You must document each activity so that workers know when each tool needs to meet schedule requirements.

Control the Heat

Heat generates due to certain speeds and the friction experienced when cutting tools meet the metal. Because your tools generate heat and wear the materials away, controlling the heat output by incorporating a coolant system can limit the damage this heat causes.

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