5 Helpful Tips for Drilling into Plexiglass

5 Helpful Tips for Drilling into Plexiglass

5 Helpful Tips for Drilling into Plexiglass

5 Helpful Tips for Drilling into Plexiglass

When working with plexiglass, you need a steady hand and the right technique. Also known as acrylic glass, plexiglass is a versatile material that many contractors and DIYers appreciate for its clarity and durability. However, drilling into this glass requires precision to avoid cracking or chipping. Here are the five most helpful tips for drilling into plexiglass.

1. Find the Right Tools for the Job

Plexiglass is a lightweight and shatter-resistant synthetic polymer, but that doesn’t mean you can use any drill bit on it. You need a drill bit designed for use with plastics, such as carbide-tipped and high-speed steel. Don’t skimp on quality! Look for bits with a clean cut that isn’t dull to avoid melting and gumming the plastic.

2. Secure Your Plexiglass

Before turning on that drill, clamp down the plexiglass. Securing the glass prevents the material from slipping, ruining your work, or possibly causing an injury. It also reduces vibrations. Use clamps made specifically for plastics, or use something light-duty if you have no other options.

3. Drill at the Right Speed

Plexiglass heats up quickly, so it’s important to control the drilling speed. A general rule of thumb is to drill at a speed no higher than 1,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), although 500–700 RPM is even better. High drilling speeds can generate excess heat and cause the material to crack or melt, resulting in an uneven hole. Keep your hand steady if you desire a smooth outcome when drilling through plexiglass.

4. Lubricate Your Drill Bit

One of the simplest yet most effective tricks for drilling plexiglass is to use a lubricant. Apply cutting oil or a small amount of water to the tip of the drill to keep the bit cool. Lubricating your drill bit also prevents chip build-up.

5. Back Your Hole

It may sound counterintuitive, but when you’re about to drill through the last bit of plexiglass, reduce the pressure and slow your pace. You want to “back out” the drill bit, drilling in reverse for the last part. This technique keeps the exit hole clean and free from cracking or chipping as the bit breaks through the material completely.

These tips will help you drill into plexiglass like a pro, and remember that practice makes perfect. Start slow, be patient, and know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Just take each project as a learning experience. For any drilling needs, consider investing in a high-speed drill set from Drill Bit Warehouse. Invest in the right tools, prepare your work area, and take it slow to achieve those clean, precise holes.

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