5 Versatile Drill Bits Every DIYer Needs in Their Toolbox

5 Versatile Drill Bits Every DIYer Needs in Their Toolbox

5 Versatile Drill Bits Every DIYer Needs in Their Toolbox

5 Versatile Drill Bits Every DIYer Needs in Their Toolbox

Having the right tools on hand will improve the quality of your work and reduce downtime. Read on to discover five versatile drill bits every DIYer needs in their toolbox.

1. HSS Twist Bits

Twist drill bits are the most common type of drill bit, and high-speed steel (HSS) bits are exceptionally durable and have improved heat resistance suitable for fast drilling. Twist bits have between two and four flutes that curve around the bit to improve swarf management. While drilling, periodically pull the twist bit out of the hole to prevent the swarf from clogging the flutes.

2. Hex-Shank Drill Bits

A hex-shank drill bit is a versatile cutting tool DIYers should have in their toolboxes. The hexagonal shank maximizes surface contact with the drill chuck, preventing slippage. Use hex-shank bits with a drill, drill press, or other rotating equipment.

3. Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt drill bits combine an alloy, such as steel, with cobalt. Typically, cobalt drill bits contain between 5 and 8 percent cobalt. Cobalt has a high melting point, and cobalt bits can cut through hard alloy steel, cast iron, and aluminum alloys. Another benefit of this bit is that the cobalt isn’t a coating but is instead incorporated throughout the piece; this means you can resharpen cobalt bits.

4. Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide drill bits are made from a mixture of tungsten and carbon. Carbide bits are the hardest and most brittle on the market today. Solid carbide bits are great for high-speed drilling through hard, non-ferrous heavy metals. Carbide bits can operate at far higher speeds and feed rates than cobalt.

5. Step Drill Bits

Step drill bits are conically shaped and have steps that drill different hole diameters into metal or wood. You can use a step drill bit to enlarge existing holes or create holes of various sizes without changing the bit. Each step on the bit is typically about a quarter of an inch thick, so that is as deep as you can drill before you start cutting, creating a hole with a larger diameter.

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