Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Flexible Drill Bits

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Flexible Drill Bits

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Flexible Drill Bits

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Flexible Drill Bits

Drill bits enjoy wide usage across many fields, including the aircraft industry. You risk compromising accuracy, strength, and safety without this vital drill bit. So when it comes to using flexible drill bits, it is essential to know the common mistakes to avoid. Industry leaders are smart to avoid the following mishaps.

1. Neglecting To Inspect the Drill Bit Details

Before using any drill bit, inspect the details and ensure the bit itself and all its features are right for the job. Choosing the correct size bit is the first concern. Using a flexible drill bit that’s too big or small can cause serious damage to the aircraft or even harm the worker. Take the time to inspect the drill bit’s sizing, stiffness, and materials before use.

2. Overbending the Drill Bit

Flexible drill bits are designed to bend to reach tight spaces. However, overbending the drill bit is possible, and it can lose its flexibility, resulting in target failures and increased risk of damaged aircraft parts. To avoid overbending the drill bit, always ensure it is not overextended.

3. Improper Drill Bit Maintenance

As with any tool, the longer one uses a drill bit, the more they wear down over time. That’s why keeping them in excellent condition is essential for maximum efficiency and safety. Not knowing how to take care of drill bits leads to breakages or the accumulation of debris, causing a decrease in efficiency. Keeping drill bits in proper condition can also help prevent costly repairs or replacements.

4. Inadequate Operator Training

Flexible drill bits require a steady hand, keen eyesight, and a lot of patience. Their use does not often come naturally, and the operator must learn to use it correctly. Properly training yourself or workers to use flexible drill bits decreases the risk of injury, part damage, and aircraft harm as well.

5. Too Much Torsion

Rotation allows the piece to bend and turn to reach spaces where straight bits and attachments cannot. However, allowing too much torsion can harm the drill bit and decrease efficiency. It is crucial to find a balance between the drill bit’s necessary torsion and overcompensation to improve efficiency.

Flexible drill bits are an essential tool in the aircraft industry and have long been used to easily access small and cramped areas of an aircraft. However, mistakes made using flexible drill bits can cause enormous problems, from minor damages to costly accidents. Keep these common mistakes to avoid when using flexible drill bits in mind as you learn to maintain your tool’s efficiency and extend its life span.

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