Everything To Know About Long Drill Bits

Everything To Know About Long Drill Bits

Everything To Know About Long Drill Bits

Everything To Know About Long Drill Bits

Long and extra-long drill bits make it possible to drill deep or to work in otherwise impossible-to-reach places. No other cutting tool will do when you need a long drill bit. Discover everything to know about long drill bits so you can work accurately and efficiently.

Long Drill Bits Have Better Reach

The distinguishing characteristic of a long drill bit is its length. Many long drill bits are 12 to 18 inches long, but extra-long drill bits can be much longer. For example, at Drill Bit Warehouse, we can manufacture extra-long drill bits that measure up to 12 feet.

Long drill bits give you the flexibility to work in hard-to-reach locations. The extended length is particularly beneficial when drilling holes in roof beams, frames, or other spaces where a standard-length drill bit cannot work.

They Can Be Made From HSS, Cobalt, or Carbide

Long drill bits can be made from different materials, including high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt, and carbide. HSS bits can drill hardwood, PVC, plastic, and metals, but these drill bits aren’t as durable as cobalt and carbide bits.

Cobalt drill bits are made with a small amount of cobalt to increase durability. Carbide drill bits are the hardest, but this quality makes them more brittle.

Choose the Right Material Composition

HSS, cobalt, and carbide each have unique advantages in terms of durability, heat resistance, and compatibility with specific materials. Special coatings can also increase the bits’ heat or wear resistance. Be sure to read your chosen drill bit’s product description to understand its uses and limitations.

They Are Less Rigid Than Shorter Drill Bits

Another important thing to know about long drill bits is that they are less rigid than shorter drill bits, which makes it more challenging to drill a precise hole. Less stability can increase flexing or wobbling during drilling.

Use extra caution to ensure proper alignment and stability. A smaller diameter will help reduce runout and improve precision.

Tips To Avoid Breakage

You can minimize the chance of breaking the tool by creating a pilot hole with a shorter bit, then switching to the long drill bit. Also, apply consistent, light pressure when drilling to avoid overheating and breakage.

Drill Bit Warehouse has the best selection of long drill bits for metal for professional performance. Shop our supply today or contact us to custom order a long or extra-long drill bit.

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