Jobber Drill Bits: Where Did They Get the Name?

Jobber Drill Bits: Where Did They Get the Name?

Jobber Drill Bits: Where Did They Get the Name?

Jobber Drill Bits: Where Did They Get the Name?

Jobber drill bits have a longer shaft than mechanics-length drill bits, allowing them to drill deeper holes. The bit’s rigidity helps keep holes straighter, reducing runout, skating, and deflection.

While most drill bits have straightforward names, the term “jobber” is a bit more mysterious. Explore how jobber drill bits got their name and how the meaning of the term has changed.

History of Drill Bits

To understand the context of jobber drill bits, let’s start with a brief overview of the evolution of drill bits. The history of drilling can be traced back to the ancient civilizations that used rudimentary tools made from sticks and stones.

Over time, these tools evolved into more sophisticated versions. The twist drill bit, which is widely used today, was invented in 1861 and improved cutting efficiency. In the twentieth century, the development of new materials and manufacturing processes further improved the performance and durability of drill bits, leading to the wide variety of types we see today.

Origin of the Term “Jobber”

The term “jobber” once described a middleperson or distributor who bought goods in bulk from manufacturers and sold them to retailers or other businesses. Jobbers handled various products and tasks in distribution, making them versatile workers.

Some common ways that people use jobber drill bits include cutting metal, wood, and plastic. Therefore, it’s likely that jobber drill bits got their name from their multipurpose applications, which parallel the role of a jobber as a go-to option in the wholesale industry.

The Modern Meaning of Jobber Drill Bits

In modern use, “jobber” does not refer to the drill bit’s versatility. Instead, a jobber drill bit is known for its length of approximately 8 to 14 times its diameter. This unique proportion allows it to bore deeper holes compared to other types of drill bits.

Jobber drill bits can be constructed from superior materials to enhance their performance. At Drill Bit Warehouse, our selection of cobalt drill bits for hardened steel includes jobber-length tools. These bits possess exceptional hardness and heat resistance, which stems from their high cobalt content. Shop with us today to increase workplace productivity and reduce downtime for tool changes.

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