Long Drill Bits: Why Are They Called Aircraft Drill Bits?

Long Drill Bits: Why Are They Called Aircraft Drill Bits?

Long Drill Bits: Why Are They Called Aircraft Drill Bits?

Long Drill Bits: Why Are They Called Aircraft Drill Bits?

Drill bits have many uses. You might wonder what long drill bits are and why they are called aircraft drill bits. Let’s learn why they’re designed the way they are.

Long Drill Bit Uses

Long drill bits have multiple uses. Firstly, they drill through thick workpieces to reach hard-to-access components. They’re beneficial for construction, repairs, and manufacturing applications. We use them when drilling lengthwise into house framing, roof beams, and metal. They’re also useful for boring out channels for wires or cables.

Long drill bits have a jobber-length flute on their ends, often found in small diameters. This results in low rotational power to prevent inaccuracy and reduce runout.

Benefits of Long Drill Bits

As previously mentioned, long drill bits can help workers reach hard-to-access places and direct wires through pipes and other fixtures. Moreover, their small diameters create less noticeable drill markings and allow smaller wires or cables to fit through at desired depths.

Why Are They Called Aircraft Drill Bits?

Aircraft drill bits get their name from history. They were initially designed for the aircraft industry, where laborers drilled holes to create deep cavities and penetrate thin materials.

During World War II, laborers relied on extended shanks with short or jobber-length flutes. Today, long drill bits help many workers drill deep holes with various drill bit lengths. The attachments are made with different materials, vary in size, and work for many industries.

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