Mistakes To Avoid When Using Masonry Drill Bits

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Masonry Drill Bits

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Masonry Drill Bits

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Masonry Drill Bits

Using masonry drill bits may seem easy, but you might make some mistakes that could cause injury, waste valuable time, and even damage the tool or your workpiece. If you want your project to go smoothly, you should learn how to use masonry bits. Then, you can restore your confidence in your project.

Using the Wrong Bit Type

A common mistake many people make when using masonry drill bits is not using the right type of bit for the job. The drill bit type you need depends on the material you’re working with. Selecting the right one will prevent you from damaging your tool and the workpiece.

Choosing the Wrong Drill Bit Size

Another mistake is choosing the wrong bit size. If the bit makes a hole that is too small for whatever you’re putting in it, such as floating shelves, the hole may crack. If it is too big, your shelves may appear crooked or fall down. Choose a bit size that will make appropriately sized holes for your project.

Applying Too Much Pressure

You might think you need to apply a lot of pressure when using masonry drill bits, but this could cause the bit to overheat, wear down quickly, or even break. Instead, let the drill bit do the work. All you need to do is hold the drill steady and let its weight and speed bore through the workpiece. Avoid pushing the drill too hard, and keep a steady hand to prevent the bit from slipping off.

Not Lubricating the Bits

Friction creates heat, which can wear down drill bits. Before drilling, lubricate the bits to keep them cool while rotating. Make sure to follow the directions on the product when lubricating your drill bits.

Forgetting To Clean and Maintain the Bits

Drills can accumulate debris when drilling, clogging the bit, reducing its efficiency, and eventually causing damage. Stones, sand, and concrete can get lodged in the bit’s channels, so clean it after use and store it in a dry, clean place.

Using masonry drill bits entails more than just drilling holes. By learning from these mistakes when using masonry drill bits, you can complete your jobs without any mishaps. At Drill Bit Warehouse, we offer a range of high-quality brick drill bits and other masonry drill bits to cater to your needs. Browse our website today to take your drilling game to the next level.

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