Mistakes To Avoid When Using Rotary Burrs

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Rotary Burrs

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Rotary Burrs

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Rotary Burrs

Rotary burrs shape and enlarge holes in metal and deburr machined metal products. Improve your processes by learning the mistakes to avoid when using rotary burrs.

Using a Dull Burr

Using a dull burr can cause you to apply excessive pressure and damage the tool or the workpiece. More pressure also increases worker fatigue. Light pressure will protect your tool and workpiece and allow you to use a steady motion, which is essential for achieving the best finish.

Rotary burrs are usually made from tungsten carbide or high-strength steel (HSS). Tungsten carbide burrs are harder and have a higher heat tolerance. Choose tungsten carbide tools if you need rotary burrs to last longer and perform better under higher temperatures.

Using the Wrong Shape

Another mistake to avoid when using rotary burrs is choosing the wrong shape for your application. Carbide burrs can be cylindrical, elliptical, spherical, or conical. The ends can be rounded, pointed, or flat. These shapes make the ends and sides of each burr best suited for specific uses.

A ball-shaped burr works well for rounded end milling and removing buildup before welding. A cone-shaped burr with a round nose enlarges holes, and you can use it to create rounded edges in narrow spaces. Always use the right rotary burr for precise, efficient work.

Cutting at the Wrong Speed

Operating the carbide burr at the correct RPMs will make your work safer and protect the material and tool. The right speed depends on your workpiece material and what you’re producing. Typically, the tool doesn’t need to move faster than 35,000 RPM.

Follow your manufacturer’s instructions regarding speed. Clogged flutes are a possible indication of cutting too slowly.

Carbide burrs are typically single- or double-cut. Single-cut burrs have a spiral flute and can mill and deburr ferrous metals, stainless steel, hardened steel, and cast iron. You can use double-cut burrs to create smooth finishes on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Start cutting at a lower speed and gradually increase speed to prevent clogging in the flutes.

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