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32pc Premium Cobalt Silver & Deming Drill Set


32pc Premium Cobalt Silver & Deming Drill Set

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Master 32pc Silver & Deming Drill Bit Set – Premium Cobalt

The drill bits in this set are made from premium cobalt steel, known for its strength and heat resistance. With a wide range of sizes available, from 33/64″ to 1″ by 64ths, you’ll have the perfect drill bit for various applications and projects. Whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic, these drill bits deliver precise and clean cuts.

One of the standout features of this set is the premium metal stand it comes with. This stand not only keeps your drill bits organized and easily accessible but also adds a touch of professionalism to your workspace. The metal stand is sturdy and designed to withstand regular use, ensuring your drill bits are always within reach when you need them.

Weight 15 lbs

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