EASY TWIST FENCE TOOL for twisting and cutting wire


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EASY TWIST FENCE TOOL for Twisting and Cutting Wire

Easy twist fence tool available in 6, 9 and 11 gauge

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Best tool out there for twisting and cutting wire at the same time

9 Gauge is most common among commercial fence work

Easy twist fence tool is a great way to tie with a hand drill. These work with the easy twist ties and twist tight ties. This little tool allows you to quickly and easily tie steel Easy Twist hook ties in seconds with a variable speed hand drill 0-600rpm. Our customers tell us it takes a third the time over hand tying nine gauge ties. The secret is in the wire. Easy Twist and Twist Tight Ties are constructed with a maximum low tensile strength of 75,000psi compared to a minimum of 110,000 psi from other companies. This is a must have tool for any chain link fence installation.

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9 Gauge ties available. Call us at 800-350-8665 Ext 100

Weight .04 lbs
Gauge Size

6 Gauge, 9 Gauge, 11 Gauge

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