Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

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Ultimate defense tool. A Life Saving Tool

  • Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun
    RETAIL $99.00
    Ultimate defense tool.
    A Life Saving Tool
    With the flip of the switch you have 4.9 Million volts for your protection
    Works as a powerful flashlight
    Use this powerful combination stun gun flashlight to defend yourself and stay safe!
    In this day and age carry the security you need to protect yourself
    The perfect versatile defense tool to always keep with you.
    Aircraft Aluminum Heavy Duty construction.
    Keep your family safe.
    Keep yourself safe
    Charger included with quick charge
    6" Long for easy tactical handling making it the perfect defense tool to take with you anywhere
    Comes with a shock proof nylon case
    One handed operation for quick draw
    Please check your local laws for handling

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