The 7 Best Drill Bits for Drilling Into Plastics

The 7 Best Drill Bits for Drilling Into Plastics

The 7 Best Drill Bits for Drilling Into Plastics

The 7 Best Drill Bits for Drilling Into Plastics

Drilling holes in plastic can cause significant issues like damaged components, injuries, and losses in productivity. Yet, with many types on the market, finding the best one that won’t cause problems can be overwhelming. Learn how to choose the right one with our list of the seven best drill bits for drilling into plastics.

1. HSS Drill Bits

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are a popular type to use on plastics. They’re tough and sharp and can withstand high temperatures, making them a great fit for harder plastics. However, they can dull quickly, so you’ll want to use them with lubrication to prolong their sharpness.

2. Brad Point Drill Bits

Brad point drill bits are another great option for drilling into plastics. They have a sharp center point that keeps the bit positioned as it enters the material, resulting in cleaner, more precise holes. Plus, their unique design means they won’t leave a lot of plastic chips behind.

3. Auger Drill Bits

Auger drill bits are ideal for softer plastics but can be used on harder plastics. They have a screw-like design that moves material out of the way as they go, resulting in less fuss and cleanup. They’re great for drilling large holes and are an excellent choice if you frequently work with softer plastics.

4. Step Drill Bits

The step drill bit can create multiple hole sizes with one just bit, which makes them versatile and efficient. They also work with a wide range of plastics and won’t crack or damage the material as they enter.

5. Carbide Drill Bits

If you’re drilling into ultra-hard materials, like polymer composites, carbide-tipped drill bits might be your best choice. The carbide material used in these drill bits is durable and can withstand high temperatures and heavy use without dulling or breaking.

6. Masonry Drill Bits

A masonry drill bit is a great choice for drilling into concrete but also works well with harder plastics. They have a tungsten-carbide tip, can withstand high temperatures, and you can use them with or without water.

7. Diamond-Coated Drill Bits

Diamond-coated drill bits are undoubtedly the most expensive on our list but also the most durable. Their diamond coating makes them perfect for hard, abrasive plastics. They can even drill through metal and glass, making them a versatile and long-lasting option.

Whether you shop for one of the drill bits on our list, investing in a high-quality product is key. Save time and effort while achieving clean, precise holes. Drill Bit Warehouse is here to help you with your every need. As one of the nation’s leading drill bit suppliers, we offer a wide range of premium drill bits for any project or material. Start drilling confidently and precisely today.

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