The Ultimate Guide to Various Screwdriver Bits

The Ultimate Guide to Various Screwdriver Bits

The Ultimate Guide to Various Screwdriver Bits

The Ultimate Guide to Various Screwdriver Bits

A screwdriver is a simple yet essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. While many different types of screwdrivers are available, having the right screwdriver bit can make all the difference in your project’s success.

Screwdriver bits come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and each is designed for specific tasks. Review this ultimate guide to various screwdriver bits so you can understand your tools better.

Slotted or Flat Head Screwdriver Bits

Slotted screwdriver bits, also called flat head screwdriver bits, are one of the oldest bit types still in use. They feature a single, flat blade that fits into a corresponding slot on the screw head.

Flat head screwdriver bits are commonly used in woodworking and furniture repair, as well as for removing and installing screws for electrical outlets and light switches. They are also useful for removing screws with damaged or stripped heads.

Flat head screwdriver bits come in various sizes. The most common sizes people use are 3/16 inch by 6 inches and 1/4 inch by 4 inches. The flat head screwdriver bit should fit well into the screw head, with little to no wiggle room.

Phillips Screwdriver Bits

Phillips screwdriver bits are the most-used bit type in the US. Phillips screwdriver bits have a cross-shaped tip that fits into the recesses on the head of a Phillips screw.

Phillips bits are designed to prevent the screwdriver from slipping out of the screw during fastening. The design makes them easier to use than slotted bits.

Phillips screwdriver bits are especially useful for removing and installing screws that require a lot of torque. Applying too much torque to the screw can damage the screw head, bit, or work material. However, the larger surface area of the Phillips screwdriver bit allows the user to apply more torque to the screw head for proper securing.

Pozidriv Screwdriver Bits

Pozidriv bits look like Phillips bits but have additional grooves in the tip that allow for a more secure fit in the screw head. These extra grooves make the bits less likely to slip out of screw recesses. Pozidriv bits are often used in construction and woodworking.

The Pozidriv bit style was invented as an improvement of the Phillips head. Pozidriv heads are less prone to cam out, which is when the tip of the bit slips out of the screw while turning it. On the other hand, Phillips head screwdriver bits were designed to cam out to avoid damaging materials by applying excessive torque.

A Phillips bit will fit into a Pozidriv screw head but is more likely to cam out before fully tightening the fastener. Because of its extra ribs, a Pozidriv bit does not fit into a Phillips screw head.

Torx Screwdriver Bits

Torx bits have a six-pointed star-shaped tip that fits into the corresponding slots in the screw head. The extra slots in the star-shaped head make them more secure than flat head or crosshead screws for higher torque transmission.

Torx screws are often used in electronics and automotive applications. The most common Torx screws are T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, and T30. Consider these or other sizes according to your work specifications when shopping for driver sets.

Tamperproof Torx Bits

Tamperproof Torx bits are a variation of Torx bits. The tamperproof Torx screw head has a pin on it, and the proper bit has a corresponding round hole in the middle. These screws are usually used so that people cannot change them easily and are not meant to be removed often.

You can find or use tamperproof Torx screws on different car parts, such as airbag components. These bits can also be used to secure items such as electronic systems. Additionally, tamperproof Torx bits can discourage vandalism, which is why they are sometimes used on public restroom stall doors.

Robertson or Square Screwdriver Bits

Robertson screwdriver bits, also called square bits, have a square-shaped tip that fits into a square-shaped socket on the Robertson screw. The Robertson bit is popular because the square recess screw is easily held in place. When screwing into the material, friction keeps the screw in place.

Square screws are often used in woodworking and construction—particularly in Canada, where the Robertson screw and bit is the most popular configuration. Many historians attribute the Robertson’s lack of popularity in the US to Henry Ford. When the screw’s inventor, Peter L. Robertson, refused to license his screws to Ford, Ford decided to use Phillips head screws instead.

Allen or Hex Screwdriver Bits

Hex screwdriver bits are designed to fit into the hexagonal head of a hex screw. They are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and machinery applications.

Hex screwdriver bits are available in various sizes, with standard sizes being 4mm, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch. You can use the 4mm bit for delicate work, such as on laptops. The 3/8-inch bit is best used for heavy machinery and requires an electric or pneumatic power tool to turn it.

Spanner Security Bits

Spanner bits, also known as snake-eye or pig nose bits, have two square-tipped points on the bit’s tip that fit into two holes on the screw head. The design makes it difficult to remove the bit without the spanner bit, reducing activities like tampering and vandalism. Spanner screws are found in public applications, such as bathroom dividers, playgrounds, and specialized equipment.

The points on the spanner security bit make this tool more delicate than others. Avoid breaking the bit by evenly inserting it into the screw and ensuring the pieces sit neatly together before drilling.

A Variety of Screwdriver Bits

For the smoothest fastening, selecting the correct screwdriver bit for the fastener type is crucial. Mismatching the tool to the screw can ruin the workpiece, create irregular holes, strip the screw, damage the bit, or injure the user.

As this ultimate guide to various screwdriver bits shows, owning a variety of screwdriver bits will help you avoid many problems and allow you to produce high-quality work. When selecting a screwdriver bit, the primary considerations are the screw type and size; a secondary concern is the workpiece material. Screwdriver bit sets can contain bits of various sizes and materials.

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The Ultimate Guide to Various Screwdriver Bits


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