The Various Uses for Carbide Rotary Burrs

The Various Uses for Carbide Rotary Burrs

The Various Uses for Carbide Rotary Burrs

The Various Uses for Carbide Rotary Burrs

Carbide rotary burrs are versatile tools made of tungsten carbide, a high-strength metal alloy resistant to wear and heat. These tools are used for shaping, grinding, and deburring materials such as metals, plastics, and wood. Explore the various uses for carbide rotary burrs.

Shaping and Grinding

Carbide rotary burrs can create intricate designs on metal or grind away unwanted material. They can shape the edges of metal parts or create grooves on metal surfaces.

The teeth on rotary burrs come in different patterns. The cross-tooth design on some rotary burrs creates short chips, which are easier to remove. Efficient chip removal improves the smoothness of cuts and prevents damage, such as unwanted tearing.

Process Weld Seams

The size and shape of weld beads depend on the welder’s technique, the type of filler material, and the welder’s skill. Carbide rotary burrs can grind down weld beads to create a cleaner look.


As the tool’s name suggests, one of the most prominent uses for carbide rotary burrs is to deburr material. Carbide rotary burrs smooth out rough or raised edges to create smooth products.

Burrs can cause premature sheet metal tearing, early corrosion, poor assembly fit, and part failure. Machined metal should be smoothed with a carbide rotary burr to benefit the product’s end-user and to improve the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Surface Processing

Surface processing alters a metal’s surface to improve durability and smoothness. Surface processing is an important step in many types of metal treatments, such as preparing the metal for painting.

The shape of the tool’s head makes it possible to smooth out hard-to-reach or tight spaces. Triangular burrs can smooth the surfaces of inner corners, while semi-circular burrs can smooth the surfaces of internal arcs.

Shape, grind, deburr, and surface process metal with strong carbide rotary burrs. Protect your workpiece and tool by selecting the right type of burr and using best practices, such as applying minimal pressure to protect the cutting teeth.

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