What Is an M42 Cobalt Drill Bit & What Are Its Applications?

What Is an M42 Cobalt Drill Bit & What Are Its Applications?

What Is an M42 Cobalt Drill Bit & What Are Its Applications?

What Is an M42 Cobalt Drill Bit & What Are Its Applications?

M42 cobalt drill bits stand out from other bits thanks to their exceptional hardness, heat resistance, and durability. Learn more about what an M42 cobalt drill bit is and some of its applications.

Characteristics of M42 Cobalt Bits

M42 cobalt drill bits are made from a specific type of high-speed alloy called M42 cobalt steel. Cobalt enhances the hardness, strength, and heat resistance of drill bits. M42 cobalt bits contain eight percent cobalt, making them exceptionally resistant to heat and wear.

M42 cobalt drill bits feature a unique split-point design that allows for faster cutting and reduces the chance of the bit “walking” or skidding across the workpiece. The M42’s heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for drilling through tough materials like stainless steel, cast iron, and hardened alloys.

M42 vs. M35 Cobalt Drill Bits

M35 cobalt drill bits are another tough cutting tool option. But while the M42 contains eight percent cobalt, the M35 only contains five percent. The higher cobalt content gives the M42 more heat resistance and superior hardness.

M35 cobalt drill bits are more cost-effective and can drill various metals; however, the M42 can cut harder metals. Remember that since the M42 is more brittle, the M35 is better suited for hand-held drills.

Applications for M42 Cobalt Bits

Professionals use M42 cobalt drill bits for applications that require a premium cutting tool. Explore how people in various industries use these durable drill bits.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricators use M42 cobalt drill bits to cut various metals, including stainless steel, copper, and brass. The cobalt content and sturdy construction allow the drill bit to withstand high temperatures when drilling through tough metal surfaces.

Automotive and Aerospace

Automotive and aerospace industries require precise, high-quality drilling to ensure component safety and performance. Workers use M42 drill bits on engine components, aircraft parts, and other critical structures.

Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Workers use M42 cobalt drill bits extensively for industrial maintenance and repair tasks. Whether drilling holes for fasteners or for other purposes, these bits offer superior performance and durability, making them a reliable choice for professional-quality work.

After learning about the M42 cobalt drill bit and its applications, it’s easy to see why this is an essential tool for professional metalwork. Save yourself some time procuring the best cutting tools by purchasing an M42 drill bit set from Drill Bit Warehouse. Shop with us today for durable M42 cobalt drill bits for easy, clean drilling through hard metal.

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