What Materials Can You Use Carbide Drill Bits On?

What Materials Can You Use Carbide Drill Bits On?

What Materials Can You Use Carbide Drill Bits On?

What Materials Can You Use Carbide Drill Bits On?

Carbide drill bits are the strongest bits thanks to tungsten carbide, a chemical compound containing tungsten and carbon. These industrial drill bits are useful for metalwork, masonry, and construction projects. Learn more about the materials you can use carbide drill bits on to understand the tool’s versatility.

Work-Hardened Metal

Metallurgists can increase metal’s hardness through five different hardening processes, including exerting stress on the metal by hammering and rolling. Hardening the metal’s crystal structure improves the material for various applications, such as machine cutting tools, armor plating, and anti-fatigue mechanical components.

Carbide drill bits are the strongest for metal and can cut work-hardened ferrous metal, including stainless steel. Carbide metal drill bit sets are multi-purpose and can be used for creating holes of different sizes, improving efficiency in metalwork shops and other industrial settings.

Non-Ferrous Materials

You can also use carbide drill bits on non-ferrous materials like cast iron, plastic, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum. People use non-ferrous metals in various applications because of attributes like conductivity, corrosion resistance, lighter weights, and non-magnetic properties. Use a carbide drill bit to cut these materials with ease.


Concrete’s density, the presence of embedded materials like rebar, and the tendency of concrete to crack make it difficult to drill this material. You can use a carbide drill bit to cut concrete and rebar. The tungsten-carbide tip and the bit’s geometry give it rugged durability.

Tip: Check Tool and Bit Compatibility

Hammer drills have a percussion hammering mechanism that uses two different motions to cut concrete: spinning and hammering. Carbide drill bits will withstand the force of hammer drills, but make sure your bit’s shank design will fit the chuck.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is common in bathrooms, bar areas, kitchen backsplashes, mudrooms, and other spaces. If you want to drill ceramic tile to install new hardware, for instance, use a carbide drill bit. The wrong drill bit or technique can crack ceramic tile, and most drill bits can’t cut through the fire-hardened glaze. Start the hole slowly, then increase to a medium speed to avoid overheating the bit.

Carbide drill bits can cut work-hardened metals, non-ferrous materials, concrete, and ceramic tile. Invest in quality carbide drill bits for exceptional hardness and durability that make it easier to drill these challenging materials.

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