What To Consider When Choosing Cobalt Drill Bits

What To Consider When Choosing Cobalt Drill Bits

What To Consider When Choosing Cobalt Drill Bits

What To Consider When Choosing Cobalt Drill Bits

When you need a reliable drill bit that cuts through rigid, challenging materials, look no further than cobalt drill bits. They’re sturdy, robust tools that help get the job done. Before choosing cobalt drill bits, let’s discuss the considerations you must make.

HSS vs. Carbide vs. Cobalt

The first drill bit you find may not suit the applications you need it for. So, what are the differences between HSS, carbide, and cobalt drill bits? Firstly, HSS, also known as high-speed steel, drill bits are strong and heat resistant. They’re robust and durable due to their high concentration of chromium and nickel, perfect for hardwood, metal, PVC, and plastic.

Carbide drill bits are tough and provide a high heat dissipation rate that keeps an edge longer than other drill bits. They’re brittle and can break apart if misused, but they work for masonry and stone drilling.

Lastly, cobalt drill bits combine steel with about five to seven percent cobalt. Something to consider when using cobalt drill bits is their extreme durability and heat resistance to cut through abrasive materials and metals.

Cobalt Drill Bit Applications

Cobalt drill bits are the perfect choice for cutting through hard, abrasive materials, such as cast iron, bronze, titanium, and stainless steel. Moreover, they can cut their way through weld seams.

The cobalt drill bit design is reliable against stubborn, rigid materials. Unfortunately, they aren’t suitable for general applications.

Tips for Long-Lasting Cobalt Drill Bits

It’s difficult to determine how long cobalt drill bits last, but several factors can help them last longer. Consider your drilling speed, pressure, lubrication, impact force between the drill bit and the surface, and rest periods.

Moreover, you can resharpen your cobalt drill bits using a drill sharpener or a grinding disc by hand. Using cobalt drill bits in appropriate applications is crucial, such as using them on harder metals like stainless steel. With proper care and use, you can make your cobalt drill bits last longer.

If you want high-quality, dependable cobalt drill bits, look no further than Drill Bit Warehouse. Our premium cobalt drill bits go up to sizes 12″, with heavy-duty 135-degree split points that meet ANSI standards and outlast the competition. Our cobalt bits offer solutions for many professions, from plumbers to contractors. If you want to know more about our drill bits, reach out to us today for more information.

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