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4-1/2″ Diamond Wheel – AZureCut™


Cut, Grind, Sand, Finish Contour and Sharpen with the same Blade!


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AZureCut™ Introducing the ultimate 4-1/2″ Diamond wheel.

Grinding, Cutting, Blending, Stripping, Conturing, Sharpening and endless possibilities.  This bad boy is revolutionizing the grinder.

New Diamond AZureCut™ technology makes this the most versatile experience with exceptional performance.

Fantastic tool for quickly keeping all your digging tools razor sharp, all the time.

Unparalleled Cutting Efficiency: AZureCut™ wheels boast millions of diamond particles embedded in a proprietary nickel vacuum matrix, ensuring unrivaled cutting efficiency and remarkable durability.

No matter the material – Stone and Tile Cutting. Metal Cutting, Concrete and Masonry Grinding, Crack Chasing, Tuck Pointing, Renovation, Road Work, Demolition work, Glass Cutting and Shaping, Composite Material Cutting, Lapidary work, Artists, Cutting and Shaping, Aerospace and Engineering. Material Processing.  concrete, rebar, steel, stone, ceramics, brick & block,  bar stock, granite, marble, metal pipe, fiberglass, Exterior Cladding,  Fiber Cement Composites, woods, and just about anything in between – flush or flat use. , smooth cuts, grinds and polishes with superior precision.

  • Features a removable 5/8″ – 11 arbor to 7/8″ allowing you to quickly flush cut when needed. Simply attach this wheel to your grinder.
  • Our Vacuum Brazing technology minimizes dust and debris, keeping your workspace cleaner and safer.
  • Cut, Grind & Sand down almost any material, this blade can be used in so many ways from precision cuts to heavy duty grinding applications.
  • DI-AZ41258-78

Questions? Call 800-350-8665 TOOLGUY-AZURECUT.COM



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