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4pc Long Carbide Burr Set.


4 Piece Extra-Long Carbide Rotary Burr Set. Premium Diamond Cut Carbide. The most popular shapes in long length.

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4 piece Long Micro Carbide

Burr Set

Used in high speed grinders to eliminate burrs and prevent metal shavings from damaging engines,

this rotary carbide burr set makes a great addition to any shop.

  • Super hard Micro-Carbide
  • Eliminates burrs and prevents metal shavings from damaging engines
  • Grind weld beads, shape parts, smooth rough castings, port cylinder heads, and more
  • All burrs are 6 inches long with a 1/4-inch diameter shank
  • Comes in black pleather case.

Round Ball


SCTI# Head Dia. (d1) flute length ( l2 ) Shank Dia. (d2)


SD-3 3/8″ 5/16″ 1/4 “

Cylinder – Radius End

SCTI# Head Dia. (d1) flute length ( l2 ) Shank Dia. (d2)
SB-3 3/8″ 3/4 “ 1/4 “

Round Nose Tree

SCTI# Head Dia. (d1) flute length ( l2 ) Shank Dia. (d2)
SF-5 1/2″ 1″ 1/4 “

Pointed Tree Shape

SCTI# Head Dia. (d1) flute length ( l2 ) Shank Dia. (d2)
SF-3 3/8″ 3/4 “ 1/4 “


Weight 1.3605442176870748 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 12 cm

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